Gabizon is one of the most mysterious characters from the vampire novel, Forever Young. In Forever Young we meet her as an older woman, a professor at the University of Venice, Italy, but we don't find out much about her past. Now it is time to change all that. In the story excerpts collected on this page you are about to discover much more about some of the most important events from Gabizon's earlier life. We will see what turned her into the stern, tower of strength that we meet in Forever Young, and marvel that her experiences didn't leave her a gibbering wreck instead.

Part 1 of Gabizon, a strange encounter on the way to meet her employer.
Part 2 of Gabizon, where she meets the Viscount's housekeeper.
Part 3 of Gabizon, is coming soon. 

A Message from the Author

If you enjoy reading Gabizon, why not try Forever Young, where we meet Gabizon for the first time.

Forever Young is a modern take on a classic Gothic novel, combining horror, death, and romance. It is firmly in the tradition of the most famous books of the genre but it is also something new. The book introduces us to Jasmine, a student of the occult, newly arrived in Venice to help Gabizon in her work, and to Violetta, who is trapped in an ancient and violent world with no escape. After the two meet, Jasmine gradually awakes in Violetta the desire to escape.

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New chapters will be added to this page as they are written, and the intention is that eventually the entire book will be collected here, so that it can be read, one post at a time.

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