Cover Design

Most authors don't have all the skills needed to create a great book and one area you can't skimp on is the cover. We are all told not to judge a book by its cover, and yet we all do it. A book’s cover tells the reader what to expect from the book in so many ways. A well-designed cover shows that the book’s author believes in it and it is a signal to the book’s intended audience that this story is something they are going to enjoy.

Your book cover is one of the most important aspects of marketing your book. However much time you spend on getting people to your book sales page, they won't download a sample or buy the book if the cover isn't enticing. A book’s cover is what makes it stand out among search results, hooks readers, and tempts them to take a look, which might just lead them to make a purchase.

If you are an author looking to hire somebody to design your cover, you have come to the right place. You may not be sure exactly what you want or you may be open to suggestions centered around a few ideas you have, or you may have a very detailed idea of what you want, and are just looking for somebody with the skills to realize your vision, whichever it is, I can work with you to produce the cover you want for your book.

I can use 3D applications to create sci-fi covers. Sci fi is all about imagining scenarios and worlds that are impossible or improbable at our current level of technology, but that doesn’t mean this technology shouldn’t look realistic and impressive on your book’s cover. Most modern sci-fi and fantasy novels compliment these images with all caps titles in modern, clean sans serif fonts.

I can paint fantasy covers with digital painting applications. Fantasy book cover design is about depicting dramatic action and imagery. Almost all fantasy books are digitally painted and feature fantasy creatures, imagined architecture, and brave male and female warriors. Classic, old-world looking serif fonts are used in fantasy to complete the cover.

I also use 2D image editing software to create covers for other genres such as crime thrillers. I use stock photos and also photographs taken specially by my co-creator Barbara Stanzl. See her photography at Thrillers and mysteries give readers just enough to draw them into the story, but don’t want the spoilers revealed. Many thriller and mystery covers use images with deep perspective, leading the character (and the reader) down that path into the unknown.

I am a solo cover designer, meaning there is direct communication between you, the client, and me, the cover designer. You can give input and feedback, with the specific guidelines I may need. This means that if you have a very distinctive MC with unique clothes, or a unique item that you want represented in detail on the cover, this can be created for you.

Just email me at brettfitzp at gmail dot com with a description of the cover or covers you need, the genre, and preferred deadline, and I will get back to you with a quote.To see more examples of the covers I have created, just go to my books page.