I'm the author of a growing pile of science fiction and fantasy novels, as well as one or two pieces of shorter fiction. My fiction is strongly informed by my childhood reading 70s British sci-fi such as 2000 AD and watching movies like Star Wars.

For the last few years, I've written at least a book a year and also manage to to fit in some shorter fiction, as well. I hope to maintain my output for many years to come, because it is a lot of fun to write sci-fi. I didn't start out writing, though, at first I was more interested in illustration.

I trained as a graphic artist at the Polytechnic in Leeds, and have had day jobs in Bookshops and as an English teacher ever since, along with some time in crappy jobs such as fruit picking and as a security guard. 

I am living and working in Venice, Italy, right now, and I love the flexibility that self-publishing gives me to live where I want and get my books to people all over the world.Contact me at BrettFitzp@gmail.com

Photograph by KookyPhotography.


  1. Hi Brett,

    I was hoping you could shed some light on what happened to this blog entry?


    Thank you!

  2. I changed platform from Hugo to Blogger, and the link architecture changed. The post is now here - https://www.brettfitzpatrick.com/2018/05/solo-refrigerator-story.html


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