This important page is brimming with the finest of merch (a.k.a. swag) for your purchase and enjoyment. Merchandise for my books is a great way to promote my writing, and also generate some income through a new revenue stream.

I create physical merchandise to sell to my existing fans and to promote my books to people who might not otherwise see them. One of the leading players in the merch market is Redbubble, who manufacture and ship all my merch.

Now my diehard fans have another way to financially support my writing and demonstrate some “brand loyalty”. If there is any particular item of merch you want then simply let me know in the comments below or by email. You can go directly to Redbubble now and browse my author merch, or take a look at some of the select items I present below.

The first of my sci-fi books is Galaxy Dog and the first item of merch I wanted to create was a mug. This item of merch brings these two vectors together to create the Galaxy Dog mug. Buy it here.

If, or when, the zombie apocalypse comes shambling across the world it will be a good idea to have a shotgun, warm clothes, and a water bottle. This water bottle features the cover of Death Sense, my zombie novel. Buy the bottle here.

A cheaper option is a pin featuring the dragon from the cover of The Dragons of Westermere omnibus edition. Buy the pin here.