This page is where I have collected all the books I have written, and it is getting to be quite a long list. I have had to divide it into genres. So far I have written some Sci-fi, some Fantasy, and even a little Horror. Let’s get going with the Sci-Fi first.


Galaxy Dog - Start Reading the Dark Galaxy Trilogy

Galaxy Dog is an epic space opera. What starts as an ordinary invasion of an alien planet, brings to light an ancient archaeological site of huge importance. A young man called Knave makes a life-changing discovery there and rises from a lowly position as an infantry trooper to become a player among the powers of the galaxy. This is the story of his rise, and the story of the fierce and independent woman and the feisty robot who help him. It is also the story of a spaceship that can upset the balance of power across human space. A spaceship from an ancient time, built by aliens, and full of advanced technology. It is an action-packed, sci-fi page turner that goes in directions the reader just will not expect. It introduces a lot of plot threads that gradually build as the second and third books of the series unfold. We see the Tarazet Star Empire, and we see what is rotten at its core, as we feel the desire the characters feel to tear it down and replace it with New Tarazet, however impossible that might seem. Click the book cover and go to the storefront you prefer to buy it now.


Iron Dart

Iron Dart is a tale of action and adventure in space. It is an epic story, set against the backdrop of a huge galaxy in the far future, where there are many sprawling civilizations and empires, political conflicts and intrigue. There are epic space battles, exotic locations, and a noble battle for the heart of an empire. Iron Dart tells the adventures of three friends, a man named Knave, a woman named Altia and a robot who goes by the name of Jay. These three are forced, through no fault of their own, to take a stand against all the forces of a huge and corrupt star-spanning empire. They are bold, and trust and believe in each other, but it is an enormously challenging battle to fight. The only reason they aren't immediately crushed, like so many who have tried to stand against the emperor before, is that the most powerful spaceship in the galaxy falls right into their lap. As the second book starts, they are coming to terms with the enormous task that lies before them. Their spaceship is faster and has weaponry superior to any imperial craft, and it also has a teleportation system that enables transport to the surface of planets. A technology no other spaceship has, an alien technology far beyond what humanity is capable of. They are also aided by the fact that the empire has become bloated and corrupt. Rebellion is in the air, across the human quadrant of the galaxy. They are still just starting out on their quest to create a New Tarazet, worthy of its subjects. They are starting to realize that, even though they have awe-inspiring tools at their disposal, their fight is just beginning. Buy Iron Dart now.


Sun Chaser

The Tarazet Star Empire is corrupt. The greed of those at the top, terraforming entire planets for their games, has reached heights never seen before. The empire is primed to explode, and it has already descended into rebellion. Altia, the most prominent young scientist in the empire, is sucked into this rebellion. Along with a young soldier named Knave and a humble logistics robot, she rises to become the leader of the forces fighting to overthrow the emperor. There are plenty of space battles, unknowable aliens, and galactic power struggles in store, in a book that combines the action of military science fiction with the heart of good space opera. The only reason the heroes have any chance of surviving in the face of the repression of the Tarazet Star Empire is the alien starship they have discovered. The ancient aliens, the source of the destabilizing technology of the powerful spaceship, remain enigmatic throughout, even as more is discovered about them, with just the right amount of mystery and suspense to keep the reader captivated the whole way through the book. Just what this spaceship is capable of slowly becomes clear to the entire empire, and at least one neighboring alien culture is also slowly destabilized by this new force in the galaxy. It seems, at last, as though the empire might topple, bringing a new utopia, or possibly just political chaos in its wake. Buy Sun Chaser now.



Death Sense

Death Sense is a book about the zombie contagion spreading, but it is also the first book in a series about the deep conspiracy behind it all. Even in this first Century Z book, even among the initial chaos of the zombie apocalypse, there are hints of the experiments and schemes that lie behind it. Death Sense is a story about people who do just that, either in small groups, alone, or in large communities, and what happens to them as the world continues to crumble under the weight of the zombie onslaught. Each group struggles to survive and adapt in a post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies and other bands of survivors – some friendly, some adversarial – and not every group will make it. The cities are first to fall, huge urban centers like San Francisco falling in just a few days, so the book takes place in the coastal redwood forests of northern California. As each last bastion of society crumbles, the people of the area must more and more confront the possibility that they – and other small groups in the hinterlands around the globe – are the last humans in the world. Death Sense is a novel about the constant battle against the end of the world brought on a tide of zombies, but there is also space for human relationships. People who would never otherwise meet are forced together, and their feelings are felt intensely, sometimes hate and sometimes love. Buy it now.



The Pet Dragon

The Pet Dragon is the first novel in the Dragons of Westermere trilogy. The book is about a young elf girl called Willowtide, and about the first small skirmish in a battle against a great evil. Willowtide is exiled from her treetop community of elves, and would soon die in the woods, if not for two friends, a young dragon she raises from a hatchling and a human boy. As Willowtide tries to decide what direction her life will take, now that all her plans of a future among the elves have been snatched away, a great evil is once again making plans to emerge from the underworld and claim the land below the stars for its own. As the evil encroaches, a countervailing force for good also awakens, and Willowtide, her dragon Harlequin, and her human friend, Archer, are destined by fate to join this force for good and battle the evil that threatens their land. As the story progresses, we see that this evil can take a great number of forms. Buy the book now.


The Twin Dragon

 A fantasy world where three princesses contend for power. Each of the three is a magic user, each of the three has a bond with a fearsome dragon companion, though the bond is different in each case. Each woman rises further towards the pinnacle of the society within the fantasy world they inhabit. Willowtide, the instinctive wild talent, is called to help the bandits of the forest, and their bandit prince, as they try to build a new better society. Palemoon turns on her mentor and tries to wrest control of the elven forest from his tyrannical grip. Her magic depends on making pacts with creatures of the underworld, and sometimes her methods are little different from his, but she has perhaps one of the strongest warriors at her back. Lastly, Demiana, the most evil of the three, with her sly emerald dragon, rises the fastest. She grows her power by outright conquest. She takes castle after castle, riding ahead of her forces on the back of her fearsome mount. But the story isn't just about the politics of states on the brink of war, we also see Willowtide becoming closer and closer to the her good friend Archer, a human warrior who saved her when she was banished from her people. Their fates become more and more entwined as the story goes on, until their quest becomes one.