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Refining The Blog Banner

The template I have chosen for my blog requires a relatively enormous image as a banner. For a while I have a banner I designed in Blender that had three heavy space fighters patrolling the spaceways out at the edge of the galaxy. I liked it, but the blue spaceship is too big, and the space background, though beautiful, is a very yellow and distracting.

Luckily these things are all very easy to fix from within Blender. Interestingly, it is the 25th birthday of Blender, right now. On January 2nd, 1994, the first Blender version, the in-house tool in the animation studio NeoGeo in the Netherlands, was running. Blender was released publicly in 1998 as SGI freeware, with Linux and Windows versions following shortly after. Thanks to a spectacular fundraising campaign, the source code became available under GNU GPL on October 13th 2002, and Blender became the popular Free and Open Source 3D creation suite it is today. Anyway, enough about Blender, and back to the 3D banner.

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