Learning German

I started learning German by reading comic books. It was exactly the right thing for me and I have made quick progress. I started learning German something like 8 months ago, from nothing. I needed a dictionary and ten minutes or more to understand a very simple thing like this picture above, and I am now able to read novels. Just to illustrate how useful this way of learning is, the word "Fall" means "Case" in English and it is one of those words which is used all the time in any language. You look the word up, you see Donald Duck dressed as a Superhero Detective and you end up better able to remember the word.
The Her Düsentrieb that Donald is talking about is an "Erfinder and Genie" according to the sign on his house and it is not long into the story before these words meaning "Inventor and Genius" are also part of your vocabulary. Throw the Grammar book out and grab a comic book if you really want to learn a language. I can not recommend it highly enough.