More German

This is what I am reading at the moment. It is total rubbish but it is the sort of thing I enjoy reading on a child like what happens next kind of level.

I can just read and it is now rare that I need to look a word up. I can usually guess the words I need from context. The simple story and writing style help with guessing from context. I tried a few more complex, psychological novels written in a more poetic way and this guessing what is going on is very difficult, but still mostly possible.

I am beginning to be dissatisfied with just reading books and listening to mp3s, I want to be able to speak and so I have arranged a language exchange through a local classifieds website. I'll keep the blog posted with how it goes. My goal is to learn without spending money. Language lessons in exchange for English lessons, free mp3s I find to download on the Internet. Even this book was reduced to 1 euro and then -50% means I picked it up for 50 euro cents.