Reading German for Fun

I have some unexpected time today. I am supposed to be having a language exchange that I arranged through a local university listings website but my partner called in sick on me. I just checked my site results and this months Google result is twice what it was yesterday, and at the start of the month I wasn't getting google hits at all for part of the month so it seems like I am floating off and on the Google radar. I'm still doing what I can to build links, everyone says this is what the Google spiders like. My old University allows students to place a virtual business card on their site including web address but very few have, that's got to be something the spiders will like the taste of.

I have decided to try and kick my bad sf habit, these two were the two books I was reading recently and the ones which made me realise that this can't go on.

I have been listening to Banana Yoshimoto on my mobile phone, as I advise on my website, and so I decided to read a story by her as well. I am already enjoying it in the first chapter the main character watches one of my favourite films, My neighbour Totoro.

The same director also made Spirited Away which is just a work of Genius.

It really makes me happy to be able to read such complicated German after less than a years work on learning the language.

I just tried out babel fish to see just how good or bad the machine translation would be, after all the main money generating part of my site at the moment is a translation business. It didn't do too bad. I typed in the first line from "Amrita";- Ich bin ein ziemlicher Nachmensch, deshalb komme ich meist erst nach Tagesanbruch ins Bett. And after pressing translate I got back;- I am a considerable night human being, therefore I come usually only to daybreak to bed. Not bad you can understand it and the fan of sf that still lives inside me is wondering how long the world will need human translators.