Web Stuff

I'm going to talk a little about what I have done with my website today.
I have made much more progress than I thought possible. A couple of thousand people have looked at my site since it was created and it has been found and clicked on quite often by people using Google. I have even been Googled, I was checking through my site reports looking for ways to improve the site and I noticed that one of the searches reported for Google was my name, Brett Fitzpatrick, a proud moment for me. My first Googling.
While I was checking the reports today I noticed that one of my most popular pages is the advice I give on using mp3 to learn a language, specifically the page of links to good quality free spoken English mp3s


In hind sight something I could have probably predicted. I spent some time working on it as any of these most popular pages are really shop windows or calling cards for a site, even though it is relatively buried in the hierarchy it is one of the most viewed pages and I am really going to have to do even more work and make the most of it.