I have been Getting Adsense to Work with Office Live. I have been adding lots of content as well.
Getting adsense to work with Microsoft Office Live has not been easy. The first time I tried to do it the code coppy and paste went just fine but the HTML Module blue box was empty in my page editor so I tryed looking at the psge with my browser and it just crashed.

It's been working for a good while now though and I am experimenting with getting the best mix and positioning of adsense to work on my site. www.spiralcat.co.uk A big thanks to http://artotems.com/adsense.aspx for explaining in a way even I could understand how to get adsense to work with office live.
Now it is working fine and the money from the adds is beginning to mount up, well trickle is more like it but I have high hopes


  1. Artotem Here. Thanks for the appreciation. Glad you found my Google info helpful.
    Keep up the good work on the blog.
    All the Best,


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