My internet adventures continue to be mostly positive

Things are going great with the web business thing. I have cooled a little on the whole open office thing, but just because the mail and other functions refuse to work an my underpowered old machine from time to time. Whenever I access my site dash board, or user centre whatever you like to call it, from an internet café or a friends machine it always works just fine. And the site reports are still detailed and great, when they work. Google and now other search engines have become used to over the seven or eight months that it has existed and and send ever more people to have a look at it. The intermittent email access, on my machine at least, was the only big problem and so me and my girlfriend took the plunge and started paying for hosting, at the moment with yahoo.
The internet business that is working best for us and our skills is translation. We advertise on and .at and people who want our special brand of English – German translations worked on by two native speakers one English and one German contact us through the free adds. Within less than a year this business model is generating enough income that my girlfriend could leave her job and I could drastically cut back my hours. I am still experimenting with things like adsense and Amazon's affiliate program but so far selling our skills through our website listed on free listings sites is by far the most successful approach.
It has been a long hot summer here in Vienna and it only really got autumny a couple of weeks ago. It was fresh but I was swimming in a lake here in Austria just last week. I am also having fun with things like Youtube and my girlfriend loves deviantart and we do a bunch of other stuff and it all seems to help publicise the websites and bring translation customers. Some have told us that they just did a google search and found us. So I'm gonna just keep on having fun on the internet, our translation business ( ) depends on it.