Go With the Flow

This is the third renaming of the blog that I have started. The first name was learn English and was about my efforts to start a website to teach people English. I didn't end up sticking with this as a basis for the website as it is generating so much translation business for me and my partner that this is taking up all my time. The pages I did create are still popular with google searches though.

As I write this I'm turning the music in our tape collection into mp3s to play on my computer with musikCube nice itunes like program that does not have the ideosyncrasy of itunes such as wiping your pod searching the internet and trying it's best not to let you use mp3. When I rip my CDs with it there is no track name in other applications so it's not perfect. I use CDDA Ripper XP instead with good results so far. It's no use for those tapes though for them I record a whole side with Mp3MyMp3 2.0 from an old walkman plugged into the laptops mike socket with a cable I bought that has a head phone socket on both ends. No sound comes out but the program makes the whole side into a giant mp3. I chop it up into tracks myself with Samplitude V8 which I got off the front of a magazine for free (the only program in this list that isn't real freeware although it was free to me) I export the chopped up tracks as wave and CDDA Ripper XP turns them into mp3 for me to play with musikCube or drag and drop into my w800i. I use the dodgy cable that came with the phone so I can only do a folder at a time, but that's fast enough for me. And the great thing about Mp3MyMp3 is you can use your own images as skins, I'm using this hook monster that I created myself.

The pink lioness avatar I created at http://animationbay.googlepages.com just loaded up to deviant art. They must have sorted out their avatar uploading problems. Here is the link http://pink-lioness.deviantart.com

I have decided to change the name of the blog again, this time to IT Karma. I have a website of this name that I am just not managing to spend any time on and I think if I use it as a kind of archive for the ideas in this blog it might make me work on it more. But then again that's duplication of content and google isn't supposed to like that. Maybe I'll stick with go with the flow after all. Although I'm not loving it all of a sudden. How about Web Karma