Welcome to Spiralcat for English Learning, Role-playing Games, Movies

It might seem like a strange combination, but Spiralcat combines games, movies, English lessons, lesson plans, 2D illustrations, 3D illustrations and whatever else crosses my mind.

I have another website which is dedicated almost exclusively to illustration at Starbright, but this website is intended to have a softer focus and be more of a catch all for my various different interests and areas of expertise.

I am an English teacher working in Vienna, but I have also worked in other professions such as the book trade and I have also done a degree in graphic arts. I enjoy creating both 2D and 3D illustrations using Blender and GIMP. I use a Wacom graphics tablet to create digital paintings of all kinds of things, including sci-fi images and other painterly illustrations.

But I am also interested in books. I like to read and recommend both books and eBooks. I mostly read sci-fi, non fiction and novels, and when I read a good one it's great to have a website where I can shout about it to the world, and encourage everyone to seek out the book and read it for themselves.

I have also been forced to explore the world of Linux operating systems, after my laptop died, and then the replacement laptop was also found DOA. I could only bring it back to the land of the living via an infusion of open-source operating systems and software. I journeyed rather quickly from being a Windoes/Photoshop user to an Ubuntu/GIMP user, almost over night. I am constantly finding solutions to problems that would normally cost a lot of money to fix, and of course I enjoy sharing these little tricks, so they'll be on Spiralcat.

I am a big role-playing games fan, and when I read about new stuff I'll be mentioning it here, although I'm just as interested in the art as anything else. I love the concept art that goes into these games, both video games and tabletop, and is also used in animations and movies for that matter.

I also write lesson plans, which are always popular on the internet, and enjoy sharing them. I read politics and enjoy sharing my theories and all of these things will exist side-by-side on Spiralcat.