Calorie King

I've found an online database of calories that I can use to try and monitor my intake and control my weight. The database of calorie values is online, which means you can check a selection from the menue - before - you order, and it is called I have not done any exhaustive testing of mobile online calorie databases. This is just the first one I Googled up that worked on my phone - which is not a Blackberry or an iPhone.
I was pleased to find kaiser roll in the database, because they are a staple here in Vienna. It turns out that a kaiser rolll has around 170 calories in it, which is a little disturbing but not too bad. My biggest surprise today, and a nasty one, was that a cheese sandwich has 800 calories in it.
Over the last few months I have been having a cheese sandwich bought at the supermarket every morning on the way to work for breakfast. I`m going to set myself a target of 1800 calories a day until my weight is at the level I want, and then relaax that target to 2000ish. A cheese sandwich robs me of half my available calories in the 1800 calorie phase of my weight control practice. That morning sandwich is just going to have to go.
I'm calling it weight controll practice because I don`t want to go back up, in calorie intake and weight once the desired weight loss results are - with luck and willpower - achieved.
So at midday today I am already at 1108 callories, because of that stupid cheese sandwich. I won`t be making that mistake tomorrow. I ended the day at 1900 calories, which is great - well under the 2200 for stable weight. I've also bought some scales - a snip at 6 euros. So now I have everything I need to follow the Hacker's diet program, using Open Office Hacker's diet spread sheets.