Everything is Economics

I just read The Spirit Level, the book that all self-respecting lefties are reading. Oh and it's an eye opener. Apparently everything is economics.
Why did the Egyptian people - who have attempted street protests and revolution more than once - suddenly gain such support.
It's because the food ran out - that's why.
And the food ran out because of the housing bubble in the USA, and that was created because wealth was being misdistributed on a massive scale.
(OK, first question - is misdistributed a real word? I just Googled it and got 2,000 hits, so apparently yes it is.
Second question - how does misdistributed wealth create bubbles, and then their inevitable end state, crashes.)
The answer is that super rich people have so much money that they can't spend it all, but they don't want to just give it away - they usually decide to either get a gigantic habit of some kind, often drugs or shoes, or invest it.
So you see misdistribution of wealth in the USA leads almost directly to revolution in Egypt.
So how should wealth be distributed properly, my answer is that every single man woman and child should get the same amount of money, paid in a monthly allowance – no matter what their status or qualifications are. Unemployed people, prisoners, presidents, cleaning ladies and CEOs should all get the same amount of money.
This would solve a lot of problems – people would only do things that interested and excited them. Nobody could use relative economic superiority to boss someone else around. Etc, etc we all know the upside – but what would be the effect on society as a whole?
According to The Spirit Level, the more evenly wealth is distributed the better the society and the people in it.

Win, win.