Reverse, art challenge pressure burnout

Illustration Friday is a website that I often contribute to, and there are lots of good things about it. It is an art challenge website where they suggest a word every week and anyone who's interested can do a drawing, or whatever, based on the word and post it for all to gasp in wonder at.
This is a great outlet for creative people and lots of people see a piece of art that is posted on Illustration Friday. This is also very motivating, because every week you know that you can get feedback and recognition for your art very quickly and from a large audience.
The disadvantage is that there is a lot of pressure to good work. You want the piece to be well received and possibly be good enough to go in your portfolio, and that's a lot of pressure.
Over at Starbright Illustrations, my professional illustrator site, (or at least that's what I've managed to get the Google search engine to believe it is) I take this pressure on with a stout heart and spend hours slaving over the illustration for that week. But here at Shout Bag...
I've been thinking that perhaps it would be good to have a less serious blog, with a less serious title, where I can post an image, even if it doesn't come up to the high standards I set myself for the usual Illustration Friday pieces.
This week for example, I've doodled something silly with an illustration resulting that shows a car with a very good reason to reverse indeed.
It's inspired a little by the great UK cartoonist Giles, who was my father's favourite and often drew a typical British family coping with unexpected dangers like this from rhinos, bulls and what have you.

So anyway, it's a less serious illustration from me this week for Illustration Friday, the art challenge website, but I guess it's kind of funny and it sure didn't take me long to do.

I hope you like it and see you next week at the art challenge site for more illustrations.