Tunisia and Egypt free - so who's next.

I was wondering which petty despot was next to be swept away after Mubarak. According to the book I've been reading (Confessions of an Economic Hit Man), the American corporatocracy has been systematically replacing nationalist leaders, who have the interests of their people at heart, with kleptocrats. In other words, molding the world in their own image, except even more so. Which means there should be lots of despots who are looking on at these popular revolutions and quaking in their boots.

I popped open the Guardian homepage to see if there was unrest in any other country from the region, and found this story about unrest building in Algeria. It seems that the dictator there has been swamping the capital's central square with police to prevent a demonstration like the one in Egypt, but some of his subjects are still bravely demonstrating.

So does the government of Algeria fit the pattern of hated kleptocrats put in place by US forces. I must admit I didn't konw off the top of my head, and the Guardian article - as is usual with newspapers - doesn't give enough background to see these macro-political patterns.

So I went to Wikipedia, and their main article on Algeria includes this section on Bouteflika. He was chosen by the army after years of turmoil and the country is an oil and gas exporter. Was there any US involvement in installing him? I was already becoming suspicious.

The main Wikipedia article on Bouteflika states that he was on the right wing of the country's politics and turmoil is what the CIA specializes in. That sure fits the pattern of a government being destabilized, and a right winger installed. There was large scale infrastructure improvement paid for with petrodollars as soon as he got in. This also fits the pattern of US control outlined in the book. In this article from 2009, there are interesting comments pointing to Bouteflika being part of a counter revolution against the socialists who threw out the French colonial overlords. I smell a US puppet, hated by his people, and next on the list!