Twenty-Four Thousand

A statistic that the author, John Perkins, mentions all through his expose of US Corporatocracy practices is that twenty-four thousand people starve to death every day, day in, day out. It's the sort of statistic that should make us want to change things... But what.
We should distribute wealth equally. Divide world wealth by world population and simply redistribute it. Tomorrow.
We should also do away with contracts. All contracts, including marriage contracts, constitutions, employment contracts and international treaties. It seems to me that contracts are only required when people are being forced to do something they don't want to. It encourages people to be unkind and unfeeling toward each other.
We can still write down our hopes and dreams for the way people will interact, but the element if compulsion assumed by a contract should be deprecated.
If everyone has the money necessary to buy food, and no treaties relating to national boundaries are trapping them in areas of famine, the problem of millions of people starving to death - 8 million per year - amongst and around us could be solved