Uk prime minister - upsetting speech about multiculturalism

The UK prime minister was in the news yesterday, on the receiving end of opprobrium for his racist rant at some European economic forum, and although what he said was hurtful, and stupid the worst part is it shows just how quickly and thoroughly he can be swayed by the idiot opinions of whatever group he is spending time with. The theme of the UK prime minister's (his name is Cameron, but it's hardly worth remembering) speech was the failure of multiculturalism.
This `multiculturalism = bad` idea is used in the German-speaking world to indicate that you are racist without being too overt about it. Dog whistle politics they call it in the USA. To see that the UK prime minister has adopted this evil little phrase so soon after arriving in Europe shows how quickly he can be swayed by the idiot opinions of those round him. I suppose that is always a danger if you don't have any opinions of your own. It may even indicate some real racist element to his character rather than simply the malleability of his ideas.
It has however had the - probably unintended - positive side effect that the out pouring of exasperation over his idiot rantings and their warm reception in the British neo-Nazi community has distracted attention from the jitters within the banking and industry sectors over his demolition job on the UK economy. And these aren't the sectors of the economy that worry overly about neoliberal Chicago school economic measures.
Th UK prime minister has instigated the sort of scorched earth economic policy of hospital closing, asset striping and job axing usually only seen when forced on third world countries in exchange for IMF loans. The UK prime minister of course isn't being forced down this road to economic destruction, he seems to be convinced that it's the intelligent option.
Joseph Stiglitz wrote in Globalism and its Discontents about the dire consequences for countries who slash budgets in times of crisis in this way. The only thing he got wrong a decade ago when he wrote it was that he thought it was becoming accepted that severe budget austerity was not a good idea for a country attempting an economic recovery.
The UK prime ministers racist speech is very worrying for the future but it's also worth keeping in mind the real economic havoc he is wreaking right now.