Valentine`s Day

If you care to avoid supporting exploitation and the conservative agenda, Valentine's is getting easier. You can get fair-trade roses, chocolates and eco-strawberries. The only big problem is the movie. Going to see a Hollywood movie about relationships is full of dangers. There is always the danger that you are going to see something that is unappetizingly sexist.
This year there are a handful of options at the movies here in Vienna, but none of them seemed particularly appetizing.
Ashton Kutcher's Valentine offering was reported to be more conservative than last-year`s Valentines Day. Which was a cheeesy, but very appealing movie that handled issues of gender, sexuality and race very sensitively. This year offering is called No Strings Attached and was the one we reluctantly chose, along with the hordes of other desperate fools for who a movie is always part of the Valentines schedule. Before giving in and doing exactly as predicted by the Hollywood machine we checked out the other options though.
The Dilemma was described as cheesy slapstick with surprisingly dark comedy. Being no fan of the dark comedy often served up by hollywood writers which often seems only to appeal to dysfunctional young misogynistic men I thought I`d probably better give this one a miss.
How Do You Know - is just a turkey, apparently. Which is a shame because I`ve enjoyed a lot of the romantic comedies that have starred Rees. 

So off we went to No Strings Attached, and was very pleasantly surprised. Both characters were complex, and the situations they were put in were very funny. Read more about the film at Film Pirates, the cool movie review blog.