More Work on the Vagabond Spaceship Model

This picture of the spaceship from yesterday, shows that it is getting much more detailed, and approaching its final state. This is how the model looks through the Blender interface, and is missing a lot of the detail and lighting effects that are added during the rendering process.
The lighting setup is an important part of this, because it is the light silhouetting edges that picks out all the lovely detail across a spaceship's surface.

In this image, the little black circles are the lights, as seen in the Blender interface, and the dotted lines are the direction the light is pointing. This being deep space, I've chosen suns with the brightness turned way down as my light sources, to simulate starlight. coming from all different directions in the vastness of interstellar space around the spaceship.

So with a bit more modelling and a picture of some stars as a backdrop, the final render of the spaceship looks like this.

I'm not a hundred percent sure that this will be where I finish work on the spaceship, the temptation to tinker is always there, but I'm happy with it for the moment.

The ide in my head as I was sculpting is that there are three levels of armour. The blue areas are the heaviest armour, followed by the smooth grey and then by the rest of the areas.

When the model is complete, it will form the central part of a role-playing game supplement, such as  this planetary exploration vehicle for sci-fi RPGs. Like all the RPG products I create, it's available from RPGDriveThru. Which means I'll have to take pictures of the model from lots of different angles, and perhaps experiment with different paint schemes. I'm looking forward to it.