Evolution of a 3D Ebook Cover

I'm still working on the cover my Ebook, but there's no hurry because the book isn't even 20% written yet. I'm making swift progress, hitting my daily word targets, but books just take a long, long time to write.

On the plus side, this means I have a long, long time to tinker about with the cover and get it just the way I want it. Which means more work on the model in Blender, which is actually a lot of fun. Crafting a 3D model is rewarding in itself.

The spaceship is more brightly lit now, enabling it to stand out more from the background. I've changed the camera angle to get a feeling that the spaceship on the cover is coming at us. I used a spotlight to give the impression that it is coming out of the dark background into the lighter foreground.

 When it is finally done, the spaceship will grace the cover of the new sci-fi book I'm writing. The spaceship is called Iron Dart, and so is the book. The new book will be part two of my series of science-fiction novels. The first novel in the series is Galaxy Dog. (Get it here at Smashwords).

I've also finished adding the remainder of my books to Draft2Digital. I've already had a couple of sales, with just one book on the site, and I'm obviously hoping that two more books will lead to even more sales.