Iron Dart available as game supplement

I have been doing more work on the Iron Dart spaceship model, but not for the cover my latest book, as the subject of a role-playing game supplement. The supplement is available from RPGDriveThru. I've come up with a lot of information about the spaceship, to make it an interesting site within a larger sci-fi RPG. I've included a section on all the ways that this inexpensive and underpowered spaceship can go wrong and let down the characters flying in it.

I've also created elevations of the spaceship from front, back, top, etc. to give the gamers using it a better idea of the layout of the spaceship, such as how the only airlock is located directly below the cockpit.

I've had to include a small elevator to enable characters to get up into the main deck from the ailock.

It was only when I was working out the layout of interior areas that I realized I hadn't left space for a cargo hols, so I came up with the workaround of having the spaceship carry its cargo in containers, one on either side of the hull. My favorite elevation is always the view of the spaceship head-on. Even a rusty old freighter like the Iron Dart looks imposing when seen head on.