Twin Dragon

At last, I have finished the second book of the Dragons of Westermere series, and it feels great. I'm enjoying writing these books just as much as I have enjoyed reading fantasy novels in the past. It's something I would do for fun, even if they never made me a penny. But, of course, the idea is to make some money, even if not a fortune, so I'm distributing the new fantasy novel via Smashwords.
The book is set in a fantasy world where three princesses contend for power. Each of the three is a magic user, each of the three has a bond with a fearsome dragon companion, though the bond is different in each case. Each woman rises further towards the pinnacle of the society within the fantasy world they inhabit.

Willowtide, the instinctive wild talent, is called to help the bandits of the forest, and their bandit prince, as they try to build a new better society.

Palemoon turns on her mentor and tries to wrest control of the elven forest from his tyrannical grip. Her magic depends on making pacts with creatures of the underworld, and sometimes her methods are little different from his, but she has perhaps one of the strongest warriors at her back.

Lastly, Demiana, the most evil of the three, with her sly emerald dragon, rises the fastest. She grows her power by outright conquest. She takes castle after castle, riding ahead of her forces on the back of her fearsome mount. But the story isn't just about the politics of states on the brink of war, we also see Willowtide becoming closer and closer to the her good friend Archer, a human warrior who saved her when she was banished from her people.

Their fates become more and more entwined as the story goes on, until their quest becomes one. The Dragons of Westermere Series tells the story of three young women. We follow their adventures as they become more powerful – in politics, magic, lore and battle – and as they find love, make friends and alliances and discover how their fates are intertwined. They all three have a bond with dragons, but each dragon is different, reflecting the character of the owner and their relationship. They must somehow find a way to put aside their rivalries and differences, in order to overcome a huge threat to their fantasy world.