Work in Progress Cover for Iron Dart

I've started work on part two of my series of science-fiction novels. (Read each chapter as it is completed here, at Wattpad). The first novel in the series is Galaxy Dog. (Get it here at Smashwords). While writing the text, I've also started work on a cover. As usual I'm creating the spaceship using Blender. In fact the entire cover image can be created in blender, including background and text. It's a truly great piece of software, completely free, and fun just to tinker around with, even if you don't have a clear idea of what you want to achieve with it.
It is very early days for the cover render, but it should give some idea of the way the book will eventually look. I wouldn't usually share the cover at such an early stage of development, but I need to post the image somewhere so that I can use it with Wattpad.
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I'm going to publish Iron Dart, the sequel to Galaxy Dog, one chapter at a time (as soon as I have each one written) on the Wattpad site.