More Work on the Space Elevator

It's been a while since I posted to the blog, the usual reasons, real life, day job, etc. To be exact it's been a month since my last post, and if I don't write something, Google is gonna think this blog is dead. So, here goes...

I'm imagining that a space elevator will look like a hotel, optimized to squeeze as much into as little space as possible. I've made the space elevator octagonal, which has always been a very sci-fi shape, for me. I blame Blake's 7, where the doors of the heroes' spaceship, the Liberator, were hexagonal. A hexagon isn't exactly an octagon, but close enough.

I'm thinking of adding a scene to my new sci-fi book that will take place on a space elevator. It's just so much fun creating 3D models, and hugely inspiring, so it's definitely going into the book.

I'll have to hurry and write it in, because I'm already well over half way through writing the new book. It's called Iron Dart and it'll be the sequel to the book I already have out there, Galaxy Dog.

By the way, last month I decided to make one of my eBooks free, The Pet Dragon, and the experiment has gone pretty well. I'm not making any more money than before from my books, but a lot more people are reading them.