A New Blog on Goodreads

I've just started an author's blog on Goodreads. (My new Goodreads blog is here). I wasn't paying much attention to Goodreads until I read a review of the new Kindle in the Guardian. The review is very positive about the reader, but that's not what caught my attention. What I noticed was that the article says:

"The recently updated Kindle home screen now resembles a modern landing page, with your current book prominently featured along with reading lists and suggestions from Amazon and Goodreads. The touchscreen is also fast and responsive for an E-ink screen, making switching books or browsing for new ones easy."

So, if Goodreads is baked right into the Kindle operating system, it seems like I should be paying a little bit more attention to it. I'm not sure starting a blog on Goodreads will necessarily mean that my books end up on the home screen of every Kindle in America, but I suppose it couldn't hurt.

And this is what I said on the Goodreads blog.

I'm starting work on the third book in the fantasy trilogy I have been writing. It has been quite a long process, with the first book published in 2012, so step one, for me, is to reread the two books from the trilogy that are already out there.
It's an interesting task. As I read, I'm reminded of details that I made up, more or less spontaneously, at the time, and then promptly forgot.
For example, there is a little scene where Willowtide, the young elf woman who is the hero of the book, buys an amulet just before she sets off on her first adventure. I had completely forgotten about this, but now I am very tempted to somehow weave this forgotten detail back into the ongoing story.