Hootsuite - Getting Serious about Self-Promotion

One of the areas of being a writer that I am probably weakest in is, as with many authors, the area of self-promotion.

As a tool in my toolbox of self-promotion, first I chose Hootsuite to manage my social media from. Then I read seven reasons not to use Hootsuite, and I switched to Friends and Me.

Friends and Me only allows me to connect to three places that I want to post to, so I chose three places that I post to anyway. I chose Google+. Twitter and, of course, Facebook.

Even though I have decided to go with Friends and Me, I have retained the Hootsuite logo to illustrate the post, just because it's prettier.

Once this post is complete, it'll need a few more words yet to be interesting to the Google search engine algorythmy, at least according to my understanding of what is happening right now in SEO. (According to this recent SEO related article, the average Google first page result contains 1,890 words.)

I don't have a huge amount of time to be crafting such long posts, and keeping them relevant as well, but I can try and keep the word count above something respectable, like 250 words. So, if this experiment is successful, there will be content written by me, posted all over the Internet, all the time, bwahaha.

And, obviously, all of this deluge of content that I am going to be creating will have a more or less elegantly tacked-on plug for one or other of my books. For example, I recently self-published Iron Dart, the second book in the Dark Galaxy series of sci-fi books that I am writing. Get Iron Dart at Smashwords.