The new, improved Pet Dragon

I am gearing up to write part three of The Dragons of Westermere. I have already written the first two parts of the trilogy, The Pet Dragon and The Twin Dragon.

I'm reading both books again before starting to write the third, which has a working title of City of Dragons, in order to immerse myself in the fantasy world. It is also to get a feeling for the characters again, for their motivations and personalities, not as I remmeber them, but as they now appear on the page.

A side effect of this process, reading the book again years after it was first published, is that I have spotted a few typos. I've fixed them and reuploaded the book to the self-publishing platforms I use.

I had a few format issues where the automatic epub creator on Draft2Digital was stripping out scene breaks, but I found a solution on this forum. All I had to do was put two spaces between each scene, instead of just one.

The book is now the best, smoothest read that it has ever been. It may be a few days before the updated version is available from all the many outets that carry it, but very soon it will be available in all its near perfection.

Now I am already four or five chapters into The Twin dragon, and, as soon as I'm done, and as soon as I have uploaded the more perfect version to the Internet, I will, at last, start work on the third book. I'm really looking forward to it. These books have been a pleasure to write, and it has been fun getting to know all the characters. I can't wait to see what becomes of them all.