Work Starts on City of Dragons

City of Dragons will be the third book in the Dragons of Westermere trilogy, and I started work on it today. I now have in the region of 2,000 words down on paper - not literally, of course, but in electronic form - and I have been mulling over ideas for the cover.
I've mocked up a cover that I like, which shows a dragon coming out of a city gate, actually a photo of a well-known French monument in this rough mock up. The city gate is huge because it is built on a scale intended for dragons.
I will be posting progress on the cover art and the writing of the story inside the covers here on the blog. There is a long, long road to travel for both of them. The books I write tend to be north of 100,000 words before I get the feeling that they are finished and a good digital painting for a cover also takes a very great deal of work before that feeling that it is finished starts to finally get strong. A lot of work, but I'm very energized about it, and looking forward to the work because it is going to be a different type of book, at least for me.
The first two books have been very plot driven, with sweeping events that encompass the entire continent of Westermere pretty much grabbing the main characters and carrying them along. In this third book, things have started to take their course and there is now a lot more room for the characters to show us who they are. Watch this space, in a few months time if all goes well, for the book to actually emerge.