Tumblr for a Backup Blog

I am not at all sure how long Blogger is going to continue to exist for. So I have started another blog over at tumblr, just so I have a plan B. The deletion of the blogger app from the iStore is just one symptom of the platform's impending demise.

So I looked around for a plan B, and I came across tumblr. I'm far from convinced, but I guess the strange mixture of blogging and social media is the future.

It's sort of like facebook, but looks more like a blog and you don't have to pretend to be friends with the other people on there. I'm blogging to raise awareness about my books, not to make friends, and I don't think I should have to pretend I have any other motive.

Tumblr will, undoubtedly, also be just a stop gap, and I will move on, always searching for a better blogging platform, always coming back to Blogger, as long as it still lives. Like in Tampop, the Quest for the Ultimate Noodle.

Tumblr is owned by  Yahoo! for goodness sake, so how good can it actually be. I'm dabling my toe in, but I'm very, very open to finding an alternative blogging platform that looks like it isn't about to be discontinued, is free and uncomplicated. Oh, and I don't want anything to do with databases. Wordpress uses a database and it is incredibly complex, prone to crashing and easy to hack.

The quest goes on. I'm still on Blogger, and Tumblr, for now.