Sun Chaser - Sci-Fi Novel

Sun Chaser is finally finished and has just been distributed to a range of the leading sellers of eBooks across the internet.

Work Started on Sun Chaser on 4 Nov, 2016, just after I had published a fantasy novel called City ofDragons. With my epicfantasy trilogy out of the way, I turned my attention to the third book in my sciencefiction trilogy. Doing the math, that means it took me five months to write the book. I’m starting my next book now, so on that timetable I could have it out before the end of the year. Anyway, back to my current book, a ripsnorting chunk of space opera with lashings of spaceships, swashbuckling and adventure.

Here is the blurb to be found on the back cover (except of course it’s an eBook so it doesn’t have a back cover).

The Tarazet Galactic Star Empire should be a realm without hunger, disease, violence or suffering, with plenty for all, but the greed of those at the top, terraforming entire planets just so they can hunt the best game with their cronies is sucking the vitality out of the economy. In the future, as now, and also as in the past, uncaring nobles laughing in the faces of their starving subjects is a recipe for... rebellion.

Over the course of three books, the most prominent young scientist in the empire, a young soldier and a humble logistics robot are sucked into this rebellion, then rise to become its leaders, and this sci-fi series is primarily the story of their adventures.

There are plenty of space battles, unknowable aliens, and galactic power struggles in the series and this third book is no exception. This is not a dry old book full of visionary concepts but dull on action, plot, and characters. It is a series that combines the action of militaristic science fiction with the heart of good space opera.

The only reason the heroes - Altia, Knave and Jay - have any chance of surviving in the face of the repression of the Tarazet Star Empire is the alien starship they discover in the first book. Just what this spaceship is capable of becomes apparent through the second book, and in this third installment the entire star empire and at least one neighboring alien culture is being slowly destabilized by this new force in the galaxy. It seems, at last, as though the empire might topple, bringing a new utopia, or possibly just political chaos in its wake.

The ancient aliens, the source of the destabilizing technology, remain enigmatic throughout, even as more is discovered about them, with just the right amount of mystery and suspense to keep you captivated the whole way through. Sun Chaser is book 3 in the Dark Galaxy series and is about 115,000 words long.

So join Altia and Knave as they try to found New Tarazet, by getting a copy of Sun Chaser, or start at the beginning of the series with GalaxyDog.