Blogger is back from the dead

 Every post needs a picture, and this picture is where the cover of my latest sci-fi book is at right now. It is about half way to completion like the text, but that is not what I'm writing about in this post. What I'm posting about today is the return of Blogger. 

I have been a long time user of Blogger, but I stopped using it because it looked like the platform was being retired. I just read today, however, that there is some kind of team doing some kind of work on it. There is even an app allowing you to work on your blog from your mobile phone, though it hasn't been updated since 2016, so a lot of the functionality is broken. I'm super glad to see that Blogger seems, maybe, to be back, and I'm already hoping I can stop messing around with Hugo, and go back to Blogger.

The thing about Hugo is that you need to be fairly smart to get it working. I never did get it to publish the way it was supposed to, via Github, but I did find a work around. A platform like Blogger, that does all the hard stuff for you. I have no proof that Blogger is coming back to life after a long, long period of being dormant, but now that co petition from G+ for resources inside Google has presumably fallen away, it can, theoretically live again.