Daughters of the Dragon

Netflix recently cancelled both Luke Cage and Iron Fist, to the surprise of few in the case of Iron Fist. Some in the nerdosphere started anticipating a new show that combines the heroes from the two cancelled shows, or perhaps two new shows, which would be Heroes for Hire, and Daughters of the Dragon.

I  don't think either show is going to happen, personally, but there is now a comic book of the Daughters of the Dragon, at least, so we will all have to draw some comfort from that. The only question is, is it any good?

I love both these characters but they have not been well served by the comics they have appeared in. Often they are drawn as extreme, sexist jokes with jiggling anatomy, who bestraddle enemies and random street furniture. If this title can at least avoid that, I'll give it a chance.

The cover is nicely drawn, but it shows Colleen Wing in an only slightly subverted break-spine pose. Oh dear, I don't like it when a female character's ass is nearer to the camera than her face, especially on the cover of the very first issue. I mean, everyone knows to avoid this trope now, don't they?

Apart from this, the cover isn't done in a cheese-cake style, so hopefully it's just a weird pose and a weird oversight on the part of the artist.

The first panel of the story inside the cover is much more encouraging. In it we see Misty Knight in a suit, as her ringtone goes off for a call from Coleen Wing. The lyrics are:

I practice Bushido code.
I am a dying breed

I googled this and it is from a song called Samurai by a band called Crime. 


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This is a nice character moment that will pay off later in the story, and sets the tone for what follows. Despite fine touches like this, I didn't love this first issue. There was no real tension, and I don't buy Colleen and Misty in their new, hipster guises. 

Next month we are promised Hydra, though, so I will be back for that. I haven't made my mind up about this book yet, but I am willing to be swayed.

Hopefully next time the comic will manage to grab me.