merch picture with two spaceships
Nice Merch. Yum, yum.
I have been meaning to include merch on my blog for absolutely ages, and today is that day that I finally make a start. The two most important sites for merch are Society6 and Redbubble. I want to concentrate on just one site to start, and then add the other later, when I have more time. Society 6 is classier, but their uploading interface is a pain, so I went with Redbubble.

I also want the new range of merch to be very homogeneous and sci-fi related, so it is going to be exclusively 3D spaceship robot and vehicle renders.

I don't have as much time to work on my 3D stuff as I would like, but I have some Blender files on my hard drive that will make the building blocks for some nice images immediately.

My first image, freshly uploaded today, is two spaceships flying diagonally across a starscape and leaving different color stripes behind them. It's a kind of mix between an abstract graphic image and a 3D render. The spaceships themselves are toy-like, as if they are the cheapest plastic gifts, the sort of thing you find in a packet of breakfast crunchy flakes.

I created the image, uploaded it, and plastered it onto a bunch of merch. My favorite is the acrylic block, but it can also be had on the more traditional T-shirt.

I'm sure this guy wears spaceship T-shirts every day, like I do.