Offering sci-fi novels at patreon in exchange for a patron

Push the button, the shiny, red button.
I just created a page on Patreon where all my delighted fans can just send me money, for no reason at all, except that they would prefer I didn't get kicked out of my home for not paying the rent.

I have been trying to decide for a while whether I wanted to go down this route, I mean my books should by now, after a couple of years of producing a couple of books per year, be generating enough funds for me to quit my day job and run off laughing into the sunset. They're not. So I guess I should be investigating any possible way of generating income from my creative work.

The 5 dollar tier I set up is actually a great deal, I think, because you get a lot of stuff for your money. In fact, if it proves popular, I don't know what I could do to come up with a ten dollar tier that gives more. That's not a problem for now, though, because I have a grand total of zero patrons. 

Patreon is just one of my creative side ventures. I've already sold RPGs and t-shirts, all to generate income to allow me to dedicate more of my time to writing ripsnorting sci-fi.

Hey, if there are patrons out there, and they like my mix of woke space opera mixed with military sci-fi. Why not?

Just go to Patreon and push the button.