Spaceship as Cover Art

I'm creating a role-playing game supplement based on my latest spaceship design. The first question, well one of the first, is what size should the cover even be. I found an answer on the ebookindiecovers site, which says the size should be as follows:

3200 x 4800 pixels and then make smaller versions for different sites.  Half the size i.e. 1600 x 2400 works on all major sites, provided the file is less then 2MB in size as Barnes & Noble for example will not accept a file if it is bigger. The same original large file of 3200 x 4800 can be used to add a spine and back for a paperback version.

I simply set these dimensions into Blender's port, and started to set up the cover. The resulting render (on the left) is a little taller than I was expecting, but that's probably to allow lots of space for adding title, author and various other bits of text.

Then I went looking for some nice sci-fi fonts, and found a likely looking selection of sci-fi fonts at the book design blog. The font actually came from fontsquirrel, however.