Star Questor - Episode 005: Visitor

Inspired by the likes of Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, Jack Swift, Brick Bradford, Don Dixon, Speed Spaulding, John Carter of Mars, and numerous other space heroes featured in the pages of pulp magazines like Amazing Stories, this blog features an ongoing sci-fi story called Star Questor. Each episode is just a thousand words or so in length, and the focus is on space thrills and action. The next episode is coming soon, or you can start reading from Episode 001: Ambush

The next installment of Star Questor comes out in a couple of days, and you can find it right here, so bookmark this page. The plan is for these episodes to appear bi-weekly, so there is only ever a couple of days to wait before the next one comes along.

If that seems like a long time, you might like to know that there is a series of sci-fi books set in the same universe as Star Questor's Adventures - the Dark Galaxy series - and the first book of that story is Galaxy Dog. You can buy Galaxy Dog from everywhere online that ebooks are sold, including Smashwords, Kobo, and of course Amazon.

But rest assured that Star Questor will continue, in its usual bi-weekly format, and the action it contains is an entirely different, standalone story from the tale told in the books. You can enjoy the adventures of Star Questor Sheen, and the Dark Rider without ever reading Galaxy Dog or any of the other books of the series.

Merch based on the universe of Star Questor and Dark Galaxy will soon be available, so you can enjoy a coffee from a Dark Galaxy mug, or wear a Dark Galaxy T-shirt.

Star Questor takes place in the same universe as the sci-fi series called Dark Galaxy, which starts with Galaxy Dog

What starts as an ordinary invasion of an alien planet brings to light an ancient archeological site of huge importance. A young man called Knave makes a life-changing discovery there and rises from a lowly position as an infantry trooper to become a player among the powers of the galaxy.

While you wait for the next episode of Star Questor, the entire Dark Galaxy series is available to buy from Amazon. Just click the link to learn more about the world of Star Questor and Dark Galaxy.